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Architectural Design and Modeling

   A course offered at the University of Tennessee's College of Architecture and Design uses a Techno LC Series Router to help "explore how Digital Manufacturing techniques reveal beauty, structure and technique latent within topographical surface modeling."

"The Digital Manufacturing (DM) course sponsors research that explores how the change from standardized industrial processes to digitally-based fabrication methods promotes new ornament in architecture, one that integrates structure, program and beauty. These design investigations examine the possibilities of surface modulation through digital manufacturing, a process that exploits the reciprocal effects between digital information and material production."

-Andrew Thurlow
Assistant Professor
UT College of Architecture + Design

Pictures From The Course's Mid-Term Review

Selected Pictures From The Jean Prouve Group

  Techno is celebrating over 25 years of CNC technology expertise. Our Educational sector provides industrial quality products at educational prices with a network of award-winning Educators. We can provide CNC Curriculums, CNC Projects, Technical Information and Packages for any educational classroom.
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